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  • 12 Red roses with balloon
    12 Red roses with balloon
    USD 52 USD 52
  • 6 Red roses with balloon
    6 Red roses with balloon
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  • 12 Pink Roses
    12 Pink Roses
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24 Cream Roses Vase

24 cream roses vase

Price : USD 200 USD 200
24 cream roses vase24 cream roses vase

The cream rose is perfect for expressing friendship and platonic love. Cream roses are also a great way to deliver sunshine into someone's life when they may need a good cheer.

Long-stemmed and full-bloomed, our cream roses will turn heads and warm hearts. When it comes to flowers, the rose reigns supreme. With elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, this rose vase is one of the most famous and beloved of all blooms. With its striking purple color and elegant shape, this award-winning rose is practically perfect. Each stem is hand-harvested daily by our expert growers who select only the best rose blooms.