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  • 24 Red Roses Vase
    24 Red Roses Vase
    USD 180 USD 180
  • 24 Red Roses Bouquet
    24 Red Roses Bouquet
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  • 12 Peach Carnations Vase
    12 Peach Carnations Vase
    USD 65 USD 65

Red Carnations Basket

Red Carnations Basket

Price : USD 65 USD 65
Red Carnations BasketRed Carnations Basket

In the enchanting world of flowers, red Carnations traditionally stand for `my heart aches for you` and are also closely associated with admiration. In this Carnation basket, a typically traditional flower has been transformed into a modern and attractive display perfect for announcing to the world that Love is in the air. This arrangement is presented in a basket.

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