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  • 1kg Yule Log black forest cake
    1kg Yule Log black forest cake
    USD 50 USD 50
  • 20 Peach Roses Bouquet
    20 Peach Roses Bouquet
    USD 120 USD 120
  • 36 Cream Roses Bouquet
    36 Cream Roses Bouquet
    USD 160 USD 160

24 Red Roses Bouquet

Price : USD 190 USD 190
24 Red Roses Bouquet24 Red Roses Bouquet

<p 0px="" 15px;="" margin:="" 0px;="" color:="" rgb(25,="" 25,="" 25);="" font-family:="" arial,="" helvetica,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 12px;"="">When it comes to romance, the red rose rules! And when it comes to delivering romance in a big way, two dozen gorgeous red roses!